Ride down the Rhine

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Ride down the Rhine

Post by MikeGander »

Having done the JOGLE this year (3-21st June 2021) with my son (combined age 132, he 54, me 78) and he having now gone to live in Singapore for the next five years, I cannot really wait until I am 83 before trying the Rhine route, and, please, no-one tell me I can because it's all downhill!
So, the point of this post is simple, does the Rhine route, using the Cicerone new guide, interest anyone, and, if so, would accompanying me put you off?

My Thorn Mercury is on eBay at the moment so I don't yet know what I shall be riding, probably not my Norfolk-friendly Pashley 5-hub, thinking of a Utopia Velo Kranich,

Does this attract anyone?

Mike Gander
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Re: Ride down the Rhine

Post by Steady rider »

I am curious about the plan, how to get to the start, where would that be?
What month?
Accommodation options?
total distance in how many days?
Returning to the UK options?
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Re: Ride down the Rhine

Post by Coaster531 »

My wife and I have this ride on our list. When do you plan to do it?
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