Companion For Sri Lanka

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Cutty Sark
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Companion For Sri Lanka

Postby Cutty Sark » 29 Dec 2018, 11:06am

I am a 66 year old man flying from Gatwick to Colombo on 29th January for 4 weeks to cycle round the island. The lady who was due to accompany me has pulled out and I wonder if anyone on this site would be interested. I cycled there 3 years ago and it was excellent, as was the swimming.

I'm happy to provide a photo and any further information.

Kind regards

Cutty Sark

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Re: Companion For Sri Lanka

Postby delilah » 29 Dec 2018, 8:28pm

Sorry bit late notice for me this year but I'm very interested in touring there.
When you're back if you've time could you do a post with your itinerary/route/accommodation etc?
Oh and I hope your trip goes well!

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Re: Companion For Sri Lanka

Postby SueBooth » 12 Mar 2019, 7:11am

Sorry i missed this.....and that i work full time!!!
Sounds ace hope you had a good time!