Cycling companion/s sought. Shrops/Heref/Worcs/W.Mids

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Cycling companion/s sought. Shrops/Heref/Worcs/W.Mids

Postby ken1938 » 15 Jun 2019, 10:13pm

I am an active 80 year old living in Shropshire and seek a companion/s to ride preferably canal tow paths, tracks or B class roads.
I drive so have the ability to transport my Ebike to any meeting point. Using a Thule tow ball mounted bike rack I can carry my bike and one other (yet to put two Ebikes on it so subject to safety considerations).
I use a Cube Ebike for treks up to about 20 miles, definitely with a coffee or lunch break stop.
Enjoy canal history, church architecture, natural history (ex beekeeper for 39 years) and gardening and very happy to incorporate these into a ride.
Available 7 days a week and happy to ride with either sex, possibly a small group of us oldies (or even younger and oldies).
I am sure the moderators prefer replies to be sent to this forum but there will be ways to plan our rides.
I hope to hear from you.

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Re: Cycling companion/s sought. Shrops/Heref/Worcs/W.Mids

Postby pedals2slowly » 10 Aug 2019, 8:57pm

Kidderminster CTC 'B-Rides' may well suit you, several riders use e-bikes and are a similar age.
Have a look at

Worcester & Malvern CTC Tuesday rides may also be suitable, again there is at least one octogenarian on a e-bike

best of luck