London Area Cyclists to Work Meetup

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London Area Cyclists to Work Meetup

Postby cyclefitt » 13 Aug 2019, 10:11pm

Hi, I have just started a (free) real-life discussion group for cyclists to work in London. This is a group and you can find it here:

Our first meeting is at Look Mum No Hands in Old Street next week (Wednesday 21st August - see the website for details). The website for the specific event is here: ... 262604931/

It's structured in a sort of magazine format with 4 different discussions for the meeting:

-"My route to work" - a member goes over their route to work and discusses challenges and nicer parts
-"Me and my bike" - a show and tell to describe someone's beloved bike and the gadgets they use on it
-"Video roundup" - videos found on Youtube or clips that people bring in to show and discuss.
-"Other topic of the month" - this month will be a discussion of managing the weather. Are you a fair weather cyclist or do you pack for all weathers?
-"Safety theme of the month" - discussion on an element of cycling to work that can be made safer and how to achieve that - this month: avoiding close overtakes by vehicles

Please sign up to and join the group if you are interested. I really hope this group can grow and become a place to exchange useful information on how to make cycling to work more enjoyable, easier and safer.