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Cycle jumbles cancelled due to Covid19

Posted: 14 Mar 2020, 4:48pm
by steve.y.griffith
A number of jumbles are being cancelled these include :
Llandrindod 4/4
Chalfont 18/4
Ripley 25/4

All are looking reschedule in the autumn

So best to check before hand. Best website is who have a dedicated jumbles page and is kept up to date

Re: Cycle jumbles cancelled due to Covid19

Posted: 15 Mar 2020, 8:24am
by Carlton green
I don’t think that I’ve seen any lists of cycle jumbles before and they are something that I’d be interested in attending. The mentioned list of cancelled events can be seen here: .

I’m all for using pre-owned parts rather than new (provided they have good life left in them) as it’s a greener way of living, maybe a bit lighter on the pocket and passes some funds back to another cyclist. Are there other sites that list cycle jumble events too and if so how does one locate them?

Re: Cycle jumbles cancelled due to Covid19

Posted: 16 Mar 2020, 9:22am
by steve.y.griffith
New date for Llandrindod Wells cycle museum jumble is 19Sept . All bookings direct to me .Tables £7 inside need to book outside £5 no need to book just turn up . Starts 0830 auction of surplus bikes at 1100

Re cycle jumbles campyoldy is the best site there is another one search for cycle jumbles but it’s not always so up to date .Also some are now advertised on Facebook etc

Re: Cycle jumbles cancelled due to Covid19

Posted: 11 Sep 2020, 8:11pm
by steve.y.griffith
Jumble on the 19th Sept is cancelled for obvious reasons . Hoping to reschedule for sometime in 2021 but at this point not possible to set a date
However good news the National Cycle Museum in Llandrindod is open. Tuesday,Wed ,Friday and Saturdays in September 1000-1400