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New Forest Cycling Week

Posted: 20 Apr 2020, 8:46am
by eileithyia
As this is not until the end of July and into the 1st week of August, so far this has not been cancelled.

Obviously Avon Tyrrell is shut and we are having limited contact with staff there. For those already booked I advise to hold on and await developments. Obviously if Avon tyrrell do not re-open this year they will cancel the bookings and refund. At the moment with the centre being shut it is not possible for them to take new bookings.

Obviously the committee are watching developments as they unfold and hope that as this event requires minimal set up, we can still go ahead... as things stand at the moment.... but clearly it is an evolving situation. At the moment we are expecting the worst while hoping for the best.

Re: New Forest Cycling Week

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 7:08pm
by eileithyia
Further update, currently AT are anticipating re-opening on 4th July. But they awaiting the next update from the government on 25th June. They are currently reviewing and drawing up policies regarding keeping guests and staff safe, they are unable to share their policies with us at present as they are being continually updated as the situation evolves. They will of course share these policies with guests as and when they are given the go ahead to open and have been finalised.

Re: New Forest Cycling Week

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 4:38pm
by eileithyia
Following on from a committee meeting last night... and subject to tying up a few loose ends, we are fairly good to go.

The Avon tyrrell campsite is open, there will be enhanced cleaning schedules and cleaning equipment available.
While it may not be quite the usual rally, with larger group rides, we are hoping there will at least be some decent relaxing cycle trips out into the forest and around the locale. Of course social distance chats in the open air will continue as before but at a larger distance than usual.

Anyone on the usual emailing list will receive an email shortly and any attached forms we will request you fill in advance and bring with you to save crowding and time at busy signing in times.

Dates are 24th July - 1st August and campers are welcome for all or part of the week.