E-Bikes on trails / insurance

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Brennan Peyton
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E-Bikes on trails / insurance

Postby Brennan Peyton » 31 May 2016, 2:20pm

Hi, I help run an MTB cycling club and we use the CTC 3rd party insurance for ride leaders. Does anyone have any idea if there is any impact if e-bikes are used on rides? Also any advice on use of e-bikes on bridleways and the legal standing? Thanks.

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Re: E-Bikes on trails / insurance

Postby PH » 31 May 2016, 9:47pm

Regulations here

If it meets those it's classed the same as any other cycle with the same rights and restrictions.

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Re: E-Bikes on trails / insurance

Postby Labrat » 31 May 2016, 11:23pm

From the guidance notes

http://www.cyclinguk.org/sites/default/ ... idance.pdf

You are covered if you are cycling on a cycle (unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, tandem triplet or adapted cycle) unless it is driven by mechanical power other than electric assistance.

Their bold

So yes, you are covered

As for Bridleway, as long as your e-bikes are 'legal' (I.e. Within the regulations, not chipped or modified) then they are treated as per normal pedal cycles for all rights of way and access legislation.