Manchester get together

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Philip Benstead
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Manchester get together

Postby Philip Benstead » 8 Oct 2016, 6:26pm

Did anybody go , if yes any comments
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Re: Manchester get together

Postby PH » 8 Oct 2016, 9:38pm

The four speakers who kicked it off with a Q&A session were excellent - Isla Rowntree, Julian Sayarer, Caroline Russell and Stephen
Fabes - if that had been all it'd still have been worth the trip.
Get Together was a better title for it than conference like last year, the workshops I went to were interesting, though more presentation and discussion than what I'd call a workshop, I preferred it to last year. My interest is in the promotion of my Member Group, I'm still mulling over what I've come away with, but the whole feeling was positive, I've seen what some other MGs are doing and I'm encouraged that the support is there from Cycling UK staff should we need it. As someone who has long been critical of the support MGs get from National office, I do think it's changing, we were asked what we wanted and the answers were listened to.
The Awards were well presented at lunchtime, Chester and North Wales cleaning up on the traditional CTC trophies. The other awards showed some nice diversity.
The all important buffet was good and plentiful, though the cakes weren't in the same class as last years :wink:

It's a lot to try and pack into a day, and a short day when you have to allow travel time. I think that's just the nature of the event, though there were some topics I would have liked to go into in more depth. I don't know what the capacity was, it couldn't have been far short of full, well attended from a large area both geographically and in interests. The whole event a credit to the organisers, though I got at least as much from the other participants.
A good day