Weight of Raleigh bikes

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Weight of Raleigh bikes

Postby Petronius » 11 Jun 2008, 9:08am

Could anyone tell me the weight of the Raleigh Urban 1 and the Pioneer Metro bikes? I'm not concerned with the effect on riding, but I can't lift anything heavy. I just want something for roads and cycle tracks.

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Postby pioneer » 11 Jun 2008, 6:01pm

I've just checked the Raleigh web-site and for the weight of all the bikes it says "not applicable", not vey helpful is it?!

Saw a Pioneer Metro (the silver 7 speed one) in and LBS a few weeks ago. Very nice bike too. I did pick it up (strange habit I know), I'd guess the weight at about 30lbs.

I did see a new Dawes Heritage model today. A Sturmey' 3 speed in green. As a long term Dawes fan,I was a little dissapointed. It looks like a cheap,re-badged,budget bike. (web price £249.99, FW Evans).

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Raleigh weight

Postby DavidT » 12 Jun 2008, 10:30pm

For the want of something to do I weighed the family bikes the other day.

I have a Raleigh Pioneer 140 from 2002 which would seem to be very similar in spec to the current basic Pioneer Metro, albeit with a hi tensile steel frame!

It is a bit of a heavy beast, and weighed in at 16.5kg (36lb) for your reference. It is a good enough bike though and still going strong as the village run around, and was tremendous value for money at the time, as I think the current ones still are?

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Postby Petronius » 13 Jun 2008, 8:44am

I emailed Raleigh and they gave the weights as 16/17 Kg for the Pioneer Metro and 15 Kg for the Urban. I must see what difference this makes to my ability to lift them.


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Re: Weight of Raleigh bikes

Postby kenny533 » 17 Oct 2009, 4:30pm

After my police cycle course on Specialized Hard Rock cycles, I borrowed a friends Raleigh Fire Fly to use at home.
It was great for fun riding, and I loved adding more and more cool stuff to it, but as I progressed to a more competent cyclist I sort of our grew it, if that makes sense?
Although I love the MTB at work, I have moved into road cycling at home and the Raleigh Fire Fly that served me so well has gone back to it's owner and I have just bought a Merida 901. Now I think I have great 'entry level' bikes to use at work and home and I am a very happy chappie, but I won't forget my ole Fire Fly. Bit like my first car really...................