The CTC - is it vulnerable?

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Re: The CTC - is it vulnerable?

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Or is it a case of the Chief Exec getting his own yes men around him to protect his back. :wink: :wink:
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Re: The CTC - is it vulnerable?

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The charity conversion is now old news, like this is an old thread. It's a bit unfair to compare CyclingUK with a high-profile commercial outfit like British Cycling; a fairer comparison would be with another charity such as Sustrans, but even then Sustrans has the advantage of a much higher public profile.

I think that describing the likes of former chair David Cox as "dead wood" and "backwoodsmen" is a bit harsh. They saw through the conversion in the utmost good faith and have now moved on, leaving the organisation in the hands of charity professionals. That's pretty much the norm for modern charities.
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