Galaxy conversion

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Galaxy conversion

Postby BC » 5 Nov 2004, 1:34pm

I am looking to create a reasonable towpath bike to have a baby seat on the rear and I can't afford a Thorn.

I have considered getting an older Galaxy and converting it to flat bars with V Brakes and quick fire shifters.

Does anyone know if this is possible ?


Re:Galaxy conversion

Postby Marc » 5 Nov 2004, 9:20pm

The answer is definately yes and would suggest you contact Thorn - St Johns Street Cycles who can advise you on exactly whats needed in your conversion.

Good luck marc

ps. for £380 December What mountain bike have the Carrera Subway 8, a hub geared bike they quote as good value, which would only need mudguards , rack and child seat?


Re:Galaxy conversion

Postby BH » 18 Nov 2004, 11:11am

Easily done. I bought a very tired 18 speed Galaxy had the frame spread and resprayed then rebuilt it into 27 speed flat barred bike with v brakes. The only problem I had was getting the right reach and height on the stem - used a quill to ahead converter eventually.