SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

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SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby Graham » 8 Aug 2017, 6:17pm

DaveJ wrote:I have received 2 e-mails privately in response to my for sale advert.

It is a scammer wanting to buy my bike and send a cheque for more than I am
asking and send a courier to collect.
The same thing happened to me on this forum 2 years ago where I nearly
went ahead with the deal but stopped it when he sent me a cheque for over
3000 euros for a bike selling at £600 !

Realizing this was some sort of scam we sent the cheque back to the bank in
Tarbes, France explaining our fears. We heard no more; except for URGENT
messages from the scammer to cash the cheque.

The same person is at it again now. He calls himself Xavier river and his
e-mail address is

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fausto copy
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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby fausto copy » 8 Aug 2017, 7:55pm

I've just received something that appears very similar, following an advert on the Tandem Club website.
I originally thought it was genuine and gave my details to send a cheque to.
They now appear to want to send me a larger cheque and will arrange collection once I've probably given them my bank details. :roll:
Forewarned is forearmed as they say.
Incidentally, I have replied to them saying that I consider the transaction cancelled and that if I do receive a cheque I will simply destroy it.
I'll get a message to the Tandem Club website to warn others on there too.
Thanks Graham, and Dave.

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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby le.voyageur » 9 Aug 2017, 7:02pm

I've read about this elsewhere, most commonly in over payment for deposits for flats and bedsits. The story goes that their company have already approved £x expenditure and they've got to spend it. Obviously it's always more than you're looking for so you agree to "cash" their cheque and when it's cleared give them the difference back, sometimes as a temptation they offer to split it with you. Apparently when a cheque clears on your account you're not always safe to draw against it and it isn't actually "guaranteed" for quite a while.
When they eventually bounce, weeks or months later the funds that never existed are simply taken from your account by your bank and then you're down as you've removed funds in cash to either "split the difference" or simply sell an item as well give the fraudster some cash in the form of the difference. ... -scam.html

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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby dorkingdan » 28 Oct 2017, 2:39pm

Thanks for the warnings - looks like I've had the same person wanting to buy my bike. The email address was

This was from a listing on and I was quite surprised at getting a reply within 12hrs of posting so clearly they are either watching certain sites or using bots.

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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby tonyb » 16 Apr 2018, 2:10pm

I have just received another email from XAVIER RIVER wanting to purchase my bike. This time with a different email address;
So that is in addition to

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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby nigelnightmare » 1 Sep 2019, 7:34pm

No problem,
Just cash the cheque at a "cash converters" type place, that way if they try to put a stop on it later it's not your problem. :lol:

I did that three years ago when I sold a games console, I ended up with over £1,000 profit and the icing on the cake, the console was returned as there was no-one to sign for it at the given address.
I got a lot of threatening Emails for about three months, each time I stated that the cheque had been refused by the bank so if they would send another one then I could re-send the console. :twisted:
Eventually I told them that the console had been sold! and to please not contact again or the police would be contacted for harassment.

Since then I've never had any-one try that again. :wink:

The main thing to remember is NEVER PUT THE CHEQUE IN YOUR BANK.

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Re: SCAM ALERT - Overpayment by cheque

Postby Lookrider » 3 Dec 2020, 10:51pm

Just cash the cheque at a "cash converters" type place, that way if they try to put a stop on it later it's not your problem. :lol:

I can understand how you are cashing in the scammers cheque
However are you yourself then becoming a "thief" as you have cashed his cheque but not sent on the item you were selling
Now I know the scammers are thiefs but they also have legal protection and could report you as you have infact committed a crime against them
Are you relying on the fact that they will not contact the police as it will bring unwanted attention on them