Cannot renew with card

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Cannot renew with card

Postby brianogilvie » 27 Jan 2018, 3:35pm

Hi all - I tried emailing Cycling UK with this problem, but as I did not receive an answer after two weeks, I'm trying on the forum.

I have now tried three times in the past month to renew my Cycling UK membership. As I am not a UK resident and I don't have a UK bank account, the only way I can do so is by payment card. However, when I attempt to do so, I get an error message from TNS Payments, the card processing company:

HTTP Status - 400
E5000: Cannot form a matching secure hash based on the merchant's request using either of the two merchant's secrets

This is before I enter any payment information, so it's clearly a problem with Cycling UK and/or TNS Payments.

I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person in this situation, and I'm rather annoyed that no one has replied to my email about this. Does anyone have any advice for how to resolve it?

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Re: Cannot renew with card

Postby thirdcrank » 27 Jan 2018, 3:54pm

AFAIK, Matt Malinder is Membership Director

As Membership Director I am responsible for the whole member experience from developing the membership product, recruitment marketing, communications and ensuring seamless renewal and first rate customer service.
(My emphasis) ... -mallinder

I suppose you may have to experiment to work out his email address as I assume did not work for you. Perhaps some form of his name before the @ will do it. :?

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Re: Cannot renew with card

Postby robgul » 27 Jan 2018, 9:26pm

If you have another browser try that - I've had payment issues (not with CTC) with one browser not working and another completing the transaction.


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Re: Cannot renew with card

Postby RickH » 28 Jan 2018, 7:29pm

When I emailed earlier in the month (using the email address*), because I have mislaid my membership card, I had an automated response almost instantly & a personal reply later the same day. Was this the email address you tried?

I simply clicked the link under "Cycling UK Membership Team" on the Contact Cycling UK page of the website to set the ball rolling.

(*A common mistake seems to be to add a".uk" on the end of the domain when manually typing it, I've come across people doing this a couple of times recently!)

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Re: Cannot renew with card

Postby Graham » 29 Jan 2018, 5:33pm

I would be very surprised if you did not get a speedy response using :

You should receive an auto-generated acknowledgement email within minutes and a real-human response within a day or two, during the working week.

( Don't forget to check your spam bucket if not otherwise found. )

The management are aware of the poor impression caused by tardy communications and black-hole situations.
The in-house, membership team are there to avoid disappointing service.