Hadrian's... The Report! (ensure you have a mug of tea!)

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Manx Cat
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Hadrian's... The Report! (ensure you have a mug of tea!)

Postby Manx Cat » 8 Aug 2008, 10:16pm

Well, we had a fabulous time.

We did this via Holiday Lakeland and I can really recommend them. In particular if you feel worried or nervous about tackling a long route, they were great. Every 10 miles or so we met the van and had tea and chat. They had our phone numbers, so if there were problems enroute we could be contacted.

I did have my saddle damaged, but cant complain as it is getting replaced by Holiday Lakeland. They used a courier firm to return our cycles, and they did the damage.

Here are some of the pics.

Girls at the start... Looking fresh and ready to go. :wink:

First of many tea breaks! I shall add, I started this ride at a certain weight and ended it exactly the same! Dunno why? :roll:

Rush hour on the way to Silloth

That famous C2C sign. We did of course dip the wheels....

Tea again!

It was wet and raining along the SOlway Coast.

Signs we looked out for. It was a very well signed route.

Crossing the Tyne.

Coming into Newcastle... Would you believe it, I was spotted in Newcastle by a work colleague. :lol: (You can never skive can you!)

The Millennium Eye. Had Tea at a museum here.


173 miles later... well, it was 180 to include all the stop offs....

The Priory at Tynemouth.

If you fancy a video clip here it is.... It includes sound for those who are at work...

Loved every minute of it.

I even managed the M6 on the way back.

Mary xx
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Manx Cat
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Postby Manx Cat » 8 Aug 2008, 10:20pm

Ooops... Sorry about the HUGEness of it all. Dunno where I went wrong on that one.


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Postby dkmwt » 8 Aug 2008, 10:38pm

Well done to you all. It's more mileage than I've done in 4 days.
Cheers, Donald
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Postby Euskadi » 9 Aug 2008, 8:00am

Congrats, looks like a lovely ride!

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Postby andy_scot_uk » 9 Aug 2008, 9:04am

thanks for photos. Doing this trip in 4 weeks;


Did you start at Siloth or Whitehaven? Any tips for accommodation/eating along the way?

Bought my Sustrans map and looking forward to it.

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Postby Beakyboy » 9 Aug 2008, 12:22pm

Well done girls, I think we sometimes forget what cycling is all about. Put aside all the debates like helmets on or off, the Campag/Shimano saga and the mountain and roadies impasse and just get out there and ride and enjoy it for what it is like Mary and the girls, which by judging from the pics/movie they had a ball.

Why Echo beach though? :lol:
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Postby lauriematt » 9 Aug 2008, 12:59pm

well done!!! youve taken some cracking pics too

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Postby Gunner » 9 Aug 2008, 1:17pm

Excellent - well done - a great achievement :lol:

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Postby DaveP » 9 Aug 2008, 5:12pm

By the looks of it, a good time was had by all. Excellent!

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Postby Cunobelin » 9 Aug 2008, 7:27pm

Well done, the piccies and video are excellent, and give a good flavour of the route.

Question is .... What next?

We can probably even forgive the outbreak of "single pannierdness" evident in the images!

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Postby Wildduck » 9 Aug 2008, 9:20pm

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mrs doubtfire
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Postby mrs doubtfire » 9 Aug 2008, 9:38pm

I am going to post this wonderful report to my buddies.For we are looking for something to do 2009.Well done.


Postby Asdace » 10 Aug 2008, 12:43am

I could well be tempted to do the Hadrians Cycleway to be part of my double coast to coast ride in early September. I think I have the map of it somewhere.

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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 10 Aug 2008, 7:19am

Well done Manx Cat! Good pictures! You relly looked like you enjoyed yourselves, all happy and smiling.

And a Happy Birthday to Asdace!
Mick F. Cornwall

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Postby eileithyia » 10 Aug 2008, 6:36pm

Well done to you and the girls, knew you could do it. Like you been on hol, started and finished same weight, though am sure I am fitter!
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