Rever MCX2 disc brakes fall apart within 3 days

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Rever MCX2 disc brakes fall apart within 3 days

Postby NewCyclist » 19 Mar 2018, 4:07pm

I bought a new bike last week : Felt VR50.
Everything is excellent, bike is well built, generally a good entry level bike with Shimano Sora. But the problem is brakes.

It comes with REVER MCX2 disc brakes. Just this Friday I tried to adjust the piston of the rear brake caliper to move the pad outwards and I couldnt, it was stuck. So I tried to adjust the opposite piston and it just popped out. So I took it apart and simply couldn't figure out how the piston is held in place (thinking it shouldn't be too hard). Anyhow took it to cycleworks. They said 3 engineers couldn't assemble it, piston just kept falling out, (at least I didn't feel stupid). They said will need to order a new one. To be honest I was a bit shocked. Now I wish I claimed the warranty in first place but who would think that the brake caliper is wasted.

I would appreciate some thoughts, comments. Maybe someone who has had REVER brakes before.

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Re: 100£ disc brakes fall apart within 3 days

Postby Brucey » 19 Mar 2018, 5:32pm

basically they are knock-offs of Spyre brakes. Instructions (but not for stripdown) here

Spyre brakes come apart for servicing (with difficulty) and I don't see any particular reason why these shouldn't be similar.

These brakes have/had an RRP of 160 USD but have been selling for 119 USD and are presently available for 90 USD.

I have not stripped these brakes but with spyres, the first step is to remove a snap-fit cover plate through which you normally poke the pad adjuster key; I'd imagine that these are the same.

To refit a pad adjuster that is wound too far, I'd stick a key through to pick up the adjuster hexagon, and then wind the key ACW whilst easing the pad adjuster back into position. This would work with spyres, but these brakes may be slightly different so the same thing may not work in the same way.

BTW the brake warranty does not cover 'self-inflicted wounds' as it were. Not sure if your brakes would be covered or not.

Also, with new pads fitted you should not expect to be able to recentre a badly fitted caliper by twirling the pad adjusters; if one pad adjuster unscrewed completely and the other wouldn't move, it is quite possible that the disc was nowhere near centred in the caliper, the latter adjuster was wound as far to one side as possible already, and really the caliper body (or disc) needed to be moved eg by using spacers if it is an ISO fitment.


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Re: 100£ disc brakes fall apart within 3 days

Postby Paulatic » 19 Mar 2018, 7:44pm

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Re: Rever MCX2 disc brakes fall apart within 3 days

Postby NewCyclist » 20 Mar 2018, 8:28pm

Thanks for the replies. I found a review REVER MCX1 vs TRP Spyre. In the comment sections I found few very negative comments regarding to REVER brakes that while they look nice, they have many serious design flaws and bad manufacturing which is the cause I believe. So I have decided to just get new disc brakes.