What would you do differently?

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Re: What would you do differently?

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PeterT wrote:I would do it for charity. So many people wanted to donate because for me it was going to be quite an achievement (and was), yet I chose not to. I could have raised quite a bit for a charity that now I am thinking of doing it again just for that reason.

I chose not do it for charity, because I didn't want the extra pressure of telling everyone I was doing it. I only told a select few family and friends beforehand. Instead, I did an organised 60 mile ride for Cancer Research a few weeks later, and asked people to sponsor me "in lieu". Its a lot easier than doing LeJog all over again!!
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Re: What would you do differently?

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Igobybike wrote:* I would take some chain lube. My friend did so I was able to use his. It helped keep the drive train running sweetly applying it a couple of times

I got some small (10ml) plastic eye-dropper bottles from ebay for pennies.

Filled some of them up with chain lube and some with sun cream.

Number of bottles of lube used = 3
Number of bottles of sun cream used = 0

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Re: What would you do differently?

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Chain lube was something I forgot. I started with a new chain and thought the wax and protection would last me . At a b&b around half way through the trip I mentioned the need for lube , and was supplied with the dregs from a chain lube container, it was enough to last me two uses.
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