Turbo Trainer with KMX Trike

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Re: Turbo Trainer with KMX Trike

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I bit the bullet earlier in the year and bought a trainer.

After looking at everything on the market that was suitable or could be adapted I ended up with a Sportcrafters HCT110. I know it is the model intended for handcycles but all you do is not fit the upright brackets. I could have bought from abroad but it was cheaper buying the HCT which was available in the UK. Google Draftwheelchairs.com for details as even if you do not buy it is worth thirty minutes wandering around their website and being amazed.

The Fusion Speed mini roller is currently out of production but nag them and they might do a small run early next year.

Cycle Ops do a folding roller that splits into two enabling you to use just the rear wheel portion.

Rollers are just so convenient to use that I wouldn't contemplate a turbo trainer unless I had a spare trike to leave permenantly on it. I just cycle over the trainer, bump the rear wheel onto it and start training. With practice you can even bump the rear wheel off but it is not advised if you have any sort of mechanical sympathy.

Good luck.
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Re: Turbo Trainer with KMX Trike

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I've not had a problem with that, all what I can say is I've tried 2 or 3 turbos and none of them are as good as the rollers.
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