A reduced mileage!

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Re: A reduced mileage!

Postby gaz » 29 Dec 2018, 8:54am

About 3000 miles 2017, 2800 miles for 2018.

My longest 2018 rides have been longer than those I did in 2017. I believe my commuting miles are up, leisure miles down. Cakes per mile have risen, which isn't as good as it sounds.

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Re: A reduced mileage!

Postby gbnz » 29 Dec 2018, 8:58am

Marcus Aurelius wrote: It sounds to me like you could do with remotivating yourself by finding new ways to get to the destinations you go to, and maybe find new destinations. Just getting the routes nailed down should get the mileages back up.

True, have to admit catching a train one way and cycling back has been fanastic. But not a daily occurrence! The other option of cycling the first 20 miles along a bland route does give a way out, though after a full day cycling in a new area, that 20 miles of the bland return doess cut in!

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Re: A reduced mileage!

Postby yostumpy » 29 Dec 2018, 12:45pm

Don't know so much about reduced mileage, just topped 857km this Dec, highest monthly total for 3 years, since I bought 'Olive', now just 250km short of 15,000 km in 3 years. I'll be 57 in January.