Centaur front caliper problem

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Centaur front caliper problem

Postby steveparry » 20 Sep 2008, 7:40pm

I tried Tektro dual calipers which were v good but swapped them back for my original Centaur duals ('05). The rear would stop a train and as I remember the front was plenty powerful.

But riding for first time in months today the front was v poor stopping... I checked and everything appears normal in terms of movement etc. I readjusted the shoes to get full contact and sanded off the shiny surface of alloy on the rubber. Both calipers and shoes have only done 200 miles or so. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be? I guess I could take them off and refit again.


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Postby PW » 20 Sep 2008, 7:57pm

Probably the cables, or more accurately the cable outers. If you can't afford a new set try trickling oil down the casings and some light grease on the inners.
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Postby pigman » 22 Sep 2008, 8:52am

I use these brakes and would agree with you. Mine seem to have no bite. A mate has record and his work brilliantly. Maybe its a case of you pays your money ....
So I borrowed a pair of shimano ultegra calipers and fitted them. same cables etc and they work a treat. So I'm converting to shimano.

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Postby Mick F » 22 Sep 2008, 9:07am


I used Mirage Dual Pivots from some years, and they would stop a train too.
I now have Chorus D - front dual pivot, rear single - and they work just as well. Main difference is the finish, style and repairability.

Now't to do with cost of the group set.

So I can't explain why you shouldn't get good braking. Campag cables are lubricated for life and should be maintenance-free. I know mine don't get looked at - ever.

Perhaps it's your blocks?
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Postby fatboy » 22 Sep 2008, 9:53am

What's odd is that it used to be good but now it isn't. So something has either seized or oxidised or been knocked (unless of course your memory was wrong.....). Would be worth working through the obvious first.

Check if the rims are dirty etc. Check that the pads line up nicely and aren't too glazed (I know that you buffed them but worth another look). Were the rims wet or damp when you tried? Then check the cables - is it hard work to move? Have the pivots got stiff?

Since they have worked well once they should again without having to throw the baby out with the bath water.
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