Road style e-bike

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Road style e-bike

Postby djbs10 » 6 Apr 2019, 9:49pm

Hi I’m thinking of an e-bike as I have an injury that is as good as it gets.
I know lots of people will say I’m cheating but if it means that I can still get out and ride then to me it’s worth a try.
I have seen orbea and carera bikes but what is out there for around 2k?
Regards Dan

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Re: Road style e-bike

Postby stodd » 7 Apr 2019, 11:22am

Many people really like Cube bikes, come in a wide variety of styles. Raleigh Motus is good for some, but probably not those with stupid phones.

Ask on the pedelecs site giving more information about how you like to (and can) ride. Much more active site than here. ... -i-buy.40/

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Re: Road style e-bike

Postby Vetus Ossa » 7 Apr 2019, 1:44pm

A friend has a Cube Agree, and is very pleased with it.
It’s the best LOOKING eroad bike I have seen.
If I didn’t need assist all of the time I would buy one, but this one is probably best used as an aid climbing hills I think.

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Re: Road style e-bike

Postby BrightonRock » 7 Apr 2019, 5:50pm

+1 for the Cube agree. Though I would probably hang off till the Autumn as there are normally a slew of new E Bikes come on the market then.

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Re: Road style e-bike

Postby Cugel » 11 Apr 2019, 11:57am

Anything with a Fazua motor & battery arrangement. They feel like an ordinary roadbike apart from being able to switch on stronger legs. This is how the assistance feels - not like a motor driving anything but rather a greater pedalling strength. You still have to work hard at pedalling to get the most assistance, measured & metred-out via strain gauges in the BB gearbox.

Such bikes can also have the motor & battery dropped out of the downtube with the push of a button. The bike is then an ordinary road bike albeit a tad heavier than the average at around 10 - 10.5kg (depending on the model). They are racing style bikes although often of the more endurance than criterium kind. They go fast without the motor, if you're fit.

The ladywife has one and uses it to match me on the ordinary road bike, especially up the hills. I've ridden it myself and find it hard not to be seduced into getting one for myself. :-)

One disadvantage - they're quite expensive. The ladywife got hers with 20% off in the Wheelbase black friday week. It was still £3400 (carbon frame, 105 geartrain, DT Swiss wheels).