Wedding presents

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Re: Wedding presents

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I always go for the same thing which is one of the Darlington crystal cut glasses sets and then have them engraved.
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Re: Wedding presents

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I know how annoying it is when someone tells you what to buy for their wedding or birthday. I usually go for a set of amazing and crystal glasses and nothing more. Newlyweds should understand they make weddings for them and their relatives, but not for getting money for their honeymoon in Maldives. I mean, if someone invited me to their wedding, then they had the pleasure to see me besides them dancing and wishing a happy marriage. Why I hate these newlyweds who think the guests are obliged to pay for their wishes? A year ago my friend, if I can call him so, asked me to look for an affordable and serious lighting hire London company. I said no problem and after speaking with some companies, I chose the one that I liked the most. I sent him their contacts and my personal opinion about them made after reading the reviews. After some time, he replied saying that I should go ahead with paying for a certain service. I was shocked when he said that. In the end, I gently refused and he told me I shouldn’t come to his wedding.
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