Velomobile paces peloton.

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Mike Sales
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Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby Mike Sales » 9 Jul 2019, 12:41pm

I've just spotted a velomobile on the T de F coverage.
It was on a field road parallel to the road and keeping pace with the peloton.

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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby Brucey » 9 Jul 2019, 1:28pm

the commentators on ITV4 (bless 'em) speculated that it might have an engine inside it....


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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby [XAP]Bob » 9 Jul 2019, 1:40pm

If it was on a decent road then it wouldn’t need anything other than a half decent cyclist...
And Celia tend to have those...
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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby nigelnightmare » 10 Jul 2019, 11:58pm

Saw the same sort of thing a few years ago only it was beating the peloton, commentators also stated it's probably got an engine in it to go that fast! :lol:

They obviously don't know about recumbents then. :wink:

Herts Audax
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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby Herts Audax » 11 Jul 2019, 9:11pm

Obviously don't know about aero dynamics

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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby atlas_shrugged » 12 Jul 2019, 9:23am

Hopefully this link of the red Quest velomobile in Stage 4 of the TdF works: ...

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Re: Velomobile paces peloton.

Postby firedfromthecircus » 12 Jul 2019, 11:49am

And here is a wee interview with the pilot.