deleting PMs

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deleting PMs

Postby JohnW » 10 Aug 2019, 10:07pm

Apparently my PM folder is full.
I don't know how to delete PMs from my folder, and cannot find any instructions.
Please tell me, fully and clearly, how to delete individual messages, and how to 'delete all'.
Thank you.


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Re: deleting PMs

Postby al_yrpal » 10 Aug 2019, 10:25pm

Mark them in the boxes on the right then select delete marked from the pull down menu at the bottom

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Re: deleting PMs

Postby richardfm » 10 Aug 2019, 10:57pm

al_yrpal wrote:Mark them in the boxes on the right then select delete marked from the pull down menu at the bottom


and then click 'Yes' when asked to confirm

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Re: deleting PMs

Postby horizon » 11 Aug 2019, 12:01am

Alternatively you can save them in your "Saved messages" folder although this too will fill up in time. Your sent messages are deleted automatically one by one when you go over the folder limit.
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Re: deleting PMs

Postby Graham » 11 Aug 2019, 9:29am

. . . . and I recommend that you read this topic, or more specifically my post starting "I've made a discovery !"

It should tell you how to set the parameters to auto-delete the oldest PMs to make room for the new ones.
. . . . which would be a better default . . . .