Libraries, public, renaissance of: DDC 020.336

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Re: Libraries, public, renaissance of: DDC 020.336

Postby Oldjohnw » 21 Jul 2019, 12:37pm

I believe we can expect a lot more libraries to close once Johnson becomes PM. One of the preferred members to be made Chancellor is Liz Truss who is dedicated in virtually eliminating public services. And, of course, giving more tax savings to the wealthy.

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Re: Libraries, public, renaissance of: DDC 020.336

Postby Cugel » 21 Jul 2019, 12:45pm

bigjim wrote:
mercalia wrote:ebooks is the way to go. dont need buildings or staff. no fines as they auto timeout. most people have a smartphone these days and reading on a 5" one is fine. Trouble is that there is no standard that libraries use so Westminster dont use the same access to books as eg Lambeth in London

Libraries e-books are a different, format? [can't think of the right word] to my old Kindle so unusable for me. I don't know why they do that. Is it Amazon creating the problem or the library?

I like the convenience (to me) of the e-book but detest the Digital Rights Management con that means I can't lend or give my e-book to another, as I can with a paper book. I also object to be ripped-off by having to pay the same price as for a paper book, which has production and transport costs that e-books don't have.

Amazon is a degree worse because they don't cater to the open-standard epub format.

All the e-book providers have the means to obliterate your e-book library should they choose or just go bust. Your e-books may or may not be actually all on your device or computer. They may be overwritten by your latest purchase and have to be re-downloaded if you want them again. If the service disappears, so does your books.

There's an ever-increasing push by the purveyors of stuff to stop selling us the item and to start selling us a license to merely use it; or to rent it. Another step in the march towards the 0,01% owning everything with the rest of us mere vassals, tenants or just plain slaves.

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Re: Libraries, public, renaissance of: DDC 020.336

Postby brynpoeth » 14 Aug 2019, 5:42am

The Grauniad reports that Foyles Famous Bookshop is equipping a library in an upmarket retirement home

Many booksellers (WHS for example) started by running lending libraries, ordinary people couldnae afford to buy books
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