Taylor Wheels (Germany)

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Re: Taylor Wheels (Germany)

Postby SimonCelsa » 31 Aug 2019, 8:57pm

Don't forget Decathlon are quite reasonable on wheels, for example you could get yourself a front dynohub wheel & rear cassette 8/9/10 speed wheel for the princely total of £75:

https://www.decathlon.co.uk/26-mountain ... 35778.html

https://www.decathlon.co.uk/26-hybrid-f ... 31687.html

They are probably not the best quality in the world but if you are handy with a spokey then they will see you good for a fair few miles. I purchased 2 of the dynohub wheels; one 26" for the daughters paper round bike (low mileage but still good after 12 months usage). The other was 700C version and I rebuilt it into a Sputnik rim with ACI spokes and also still good (and hopefully will be for a good while yet).

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Re: Taylor Wheels (Germany)

Postby Sweep » 10 Sep 2019, 10:26am

Thanks for the recommendations above.

I ordered these:


https://www.taylor-wheels.com/bike-whee ... t610-black


https://www.taylor-wheels.com/bike-whee ... re-fh-t610

Both Zac 19 rims, Deore 610 hubs. Rear has DT swiss spokes.

Total cost Just over 104 euros which, thanks to the terrible exchange rate these days was "reduced" to only 98.48 in sterling.

Clearly they would have been a bargain a while ago.

The web page is seriously wonky, had issues even obtaining those links above due to slow speed.

My order went wonky - got an error message as I placed it and when I went to "my orders" on my account there, there was nothing to be seen, despite the fact that paypal confirmed that my credit card payment had been taken.

Still, they sorted it pretty quickly by email and reassured me that all was well.

Ordered on a Monday, shipped Tuesday, received Friday well packed by parcelforce at this end - as fast as some UK suppliers.

Haven't fitted and ridden yet but must say very good first impressions.

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Re: Taylor Wheels (Germany)

Postby pete75 » 20 Dec 2019, 9:35am

PH wrote:
Sweep wrote:Was thinking of opening a thread to compare them though maybe could be done here?

I've bought from both. A 20" folder rear wheel a few years ago from Taylor and recently a 700c dynamo wheel from Rose. Both were great value, not much more than the parts, though if I'd spent more elsewhere I'd have specified DB rather than the PG spokes. No regrets but both needed a bit of work before I was happy with them. Hand built doesn't mean much unless you know who's hands! That goes for my LBS as much as for buying from Germany, the only difference is ones easier than the other if you need to take them back - I'll take that chance knowing I can sort any minor issues and major ones are rare.

They will change the spokes in their standard builds if you ask and only charge the difference in the spoke price.