eBike Conversions - Go on, show us yours!

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Re: eBike Conversions - Go on, show us yours!

Postby CXRAndy » 2 Sep 2019, 1:30pm

The wife's :D

Tongscheng TSDZ2 with custom firmware
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Re: eBike Conversions - Go on, show us yours!

Postby nobbysnuts91 » 15 Sep 2019, 6:02pm


voodoo hoodoo bafang convertion
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Re: eBike Conversions - Go on, show us yours!

Postby hercule » 6 Oct 2019, 3:52pm

my Kettwiesel with front hub motor:


The first battery died last winter, I think it was a case of neglect and deep discharge. Not wanting to go guddling about in its innards I bought a bigger bottle battery (13Ah) which I’ve mounted forward of the seat... this makes for better weight distribution, the original one lived in the seat bag. The front wheel of the Kett is relatively lightly laden, paradoxically on really steep hills I have to back off on the power setting to avoid wheelspin but it will handle most “normal” hills (up to B road standards) without a hiccup.

I did think about mid drive, but from what I could see it would inevitably mean that something or other would be fouled if it would even fit the frame shape. I’d also lose the breadth of gearing and wanted to retain the ability to ride without assist. As it is with the two rear wheels human powered via a differential, I have a three wheel drive machine!

Unpowered the Kett is a steady but not quick performer, e-assist has made it much more comparable to my faster machine.