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Re: Trident Trike

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Hi Stef, welcome to the wonderful world of trikes. I bought my first trike without even going look at one, with no regrets may I say, direct from ICE. I can't ride a bicycle any more after coming off the loser fighting with too many cars (the 4 bikes were killed so can't complain) . I've got two ICE trikes and a Performer from Taiwan which are very good value for money well worth a look at.
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Re: Trident Trike

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PAJEL wrote:Dear Sir,
I am 60+ Czech cyclist looking for new toy - Trike. Last two years I drive Haibike Allmountain ebike with Yamaha PV-S engine unit.
I am interested to buy trike, not neccesary quite new,
Please can you give me information which used trikes are available in your stock ? Do you own any eshop ?

Best regards from Czech republic, Pavel Jelinek

Hi Pavel, welcome to the forum.

You have got a highly respected recumbent manufacturer in the Czech Republic - Azub. I think it would be well worth checking them out, they may have a dealer near you who could help you out with test rides before you commit yourself.
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Re: Trident Trike

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Hi due to Parkinsons disease I am in the habit of falling off of my two wheeler which is fine in traffic free country lanes.
I am investigating buying an electric assist recumbent trike. I keep coming back to ICE as being a first class firm.
I wondered if anyone had any advice
1. Derailleur or Rohlof or Alphine???
2 Brakes?
3 WhaT accessories are worth having
4.Any other advice on saving money

So far my research has not come up with anything second hand
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Re: Trident Trike

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I have an Ice Adventure HD and my late wife had Parkinson's so I feel able to comment.
The seating is very low on recumbents generally and you may have difficulty getting in and out of the seat. To get in and out the best way is usually to stand in front and reverse into the seat and obviously the opposite to get out. If you have balance problems this may be difficult [ don't ask how I know ]. I would suggest a bit more research and try to find a specialist in disabled cycling. They do exist and the availability depends on where you live.
Where I live a parish minister had Parkinson's and used an upright trike with a single front wheel and two rear to get around his local area. You may be better going down this route but a specialist would be able to advise you and probably let you test ride.
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Re: Trident Trike

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IF e-assist THEN avoid hub gears is my maxim (especially Alfine 11 :roll: ). Others may have relevant experience...
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Re: Trident Trike

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Tadpole trikes tend to be low and fast, delta trikes tend to be higher and more steady.

How easy is it for you to sit down onto a low seat and get off it easily as the seat height of an ICE trike is only around 12" (300mm).
If you're a bit iffy at that height then I'd look at a Hase delta trike.
Something like the Lepus with its high seat of up to 25 inches (63 cm) may be what your look for.

Luck ........ :D
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