TF2 Performance all weather lube

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TF2 Performance all weather lube

Postby reohn2 » 20 Jan 2020, 6:40pm ... nreg-100ml

I've been using this lube since early Autumn last year and found it to be very good,especially in wet weather drivetrain remains quiet and rollers don't shine up for ages,a sure sign the lube is still working internally where it's needed most.Time/mileage between relubing is loonnnggg and it doesn't attract road and trail dust and dirt much between chain cleaning.
Application is simple with the dropper bottle,a single drop on each roller,back pedaling the chain leaving a few minutes to soak in and then wiping off any excess with a old rag.
Lubing the chain is best done the day before riding or after a ride to allow the lube to dry.

Previously I've used TF2 aerosol spray lube for years and been very happy with it's performance,except in wet weather.That's where the TF2 performance lube scores over the aerosol lube.

A very good product with a 5 star rating from me,and it's cheap :)

EDIT,In the past I've tried a few of the so call 'extreme' wet lubes such as Finnishline Wet and Purple Extreme,etc and whilst they lube well they also attracted far too much road and trail dust and muck,as well as gumming up the drivetrain and needing very strong solvents to get chain,cassette,mechs and chainset clean and needing cleaning more often,the TF2 Performance isn't like that at all and I can clean the drivetrain with White Spirit in the usual way

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Re: TF2 Performance all weather lube

Postby gaz » 23 Jan 2020, 2:24pm

When my current bottle of Weldtite Cycle Oil runs out I'll give it a try.

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