Wahoo Elemnt Bolt - replacement of faulty unit

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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt - replacement of faulty unit

Postby AndyK » 7 Mar 2020, 7:15pm

I won't resurrect the other Wahoo threads for fear of restarting the heated debates, but I thought I should record my experience of sending back a faulty unit.

Last Sunday my Elemnt Bolt GPS spontaneously developed a small cluster of dead pixels in the top right hand corner of the screen. And I mean spontaneously - in the middle of a ride I glanced down at the screen and it was fine. Five minutes later I glanced down again and the dead pixels were obvious. It wasn't unusable, but it was very irritating as the blank bits partly obscured the mileage figure. I've had the unit since June 2018 so it's outside the 1-year warranty period, but I feel the display ought to be good for more than 20 months and I've looked after it pretty well, so...

On Monday I emailed a photo of the display to Wahoo and asked if anything could be done.
On Tuesday they asked me for a copy of the purchase receipt, then emailed me a prepaid shipping label for me to send just the unit back, not the mounts and accessories.
On Wednesday afternoon I dropped it off at a nearby UPS collection point.
On Thursday, as soon as UPS confirmed my old unit was in transit, Wahoo had a replacement sent out.
On Friday a brand new Bolt arrived, boxed and with all the accessories. I'm back on the road and pretty happy with the outcome. And I now have a couple of spare mounts for it.

I can think of other companies where this would have descended into an argument about whether I'd misused it or abused it, attempts to hide behind the 1-year warranty period and so on. Not here. No quibbles, no question even of asking me to pay the postage for the return. Well done Wahoo.

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Re: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt - replacement of faulty unit

Postby Syd » 8 Mar 2020, 1:33pm

Wahoo are, relatively, new to the market with their Elemnt range of products when compared to others.

Whilst there is debate over their products by fans from other brands companies can make a real difference in how they handle customer service. At this moment, from your experience. looks like Wahoo are now performing well in that. Lets hope they don’t become complacent in time.

I’ve experienced after sales support from a number of ‘fitness tracker’ brands ranging from the exceptional to the downright terrible. I now avoid spending money with the latter brands.