Minimalist helmet?

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Re: Minimalist helmet?

Postby Cunobelin » 12 Mar 2020, 6:51pm

Nigel wrote:I think there is a folding helmet which has an EN standards certificate.

If an employee of Airbus, then fight as per ideas in the thread. But as a subcontractor, need to comply until it can be challenged the long way round.

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Re: Minimalist helmet?

Postby tim-b » 13 Mar 2020, 5:30am

Unless you are indispensable to Airbus and their site regs include wearing a helmet then wear a helmet. Neither the security team nor your employer are responsible for this decision so help them out here too.
Does the security team have a stock of "visitors" helmets and vests that you can borrow/return daily which may be of the general site variety but comply with the e-mail?

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Re: Minimalist helmet?

Postby Phileas » 13 Mar 2020, 7:18am

So far I've managed to avoid wearing a helmet. Leaving is less risky than entering, but I've started entering by a different gate and I haven't been challenged.

This gate is more logical for me anyway and closer to my place of work and if I'm challenged I can dismount, walk round the corner and remount. :lol: