Group rides and nCOVID-19

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Re: Group rides and nCOVID-19

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gxaustin wrote:This is CUK detailed advice. It doesn't seem to preclude group rides - does it? Or cafe stops?

"There is no reason for you to stop cycling at present but make sure to do so at a safe distance from others. Visits to cafes and pubs should be avoided to limit exposure to infection. You should carry tissues to use when cycling, disposing of them safely in a bin as soon as possible. If you do visit a food outlet, you must wash your hands before and after visiting, and again on returning home.

It’s also advisable to wash your cycling gloves, too. Remember to avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean."

I went out today and the pub was almost deserted - so the risk of infection can't have been that great compared to a bus, say, or the shops.

Does anyone know if there is an insurance problem for Ride leaders from putting on rides?

Graham Austin

I don’t think it’s the insurance that’s the issue, it’s more the fact they don’t want to distract any emergency services, should there be an incident on any rides, because obviously the thousands of people needing to be transported to hospital, the fact that all the hospitals are full to bursting now, all the medical staff and facilities are so massively stretched, with all the millions of people laid up in their beds, and taking up their staff time, and the emergency services are dealing with daily mass riots that’s the issue, obviously.
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Re: Group rides and nCOVID-19

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Cycling UK have posted a new Topic relating to the VIRUS . . . ..
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