Eplus commute - battery question

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Eplus commute - battery question

Postby Jkb1010 » 8 May 2020, 10:02am

Hello all, I've just recently bought the Eplus commute folding bike... However it didn't come with a battery (bought second hand, still in wrapping, seemed a good price) I thought finding a battery for it would be straight forward but I just don't understand what it is exactly I need to buy? Are all the batteries the same? Are they a standard size? The one it is supposed to have says 8.8ah 36v but I'm having trouble finding it. Does it need to be a brand? I'm new to all this so any advice would be muchly appreciated :D

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Re: Eplus commute - battery question

Postby hemo » 8 May 2020, 12:43pm

I'm always suspicious when some one buys a bike without a battery as the bike is but useless without one.

Which type of battery seat post one or a rack one, how about a link to your bike instead of being lazy and expect us to do the donkey work.
If the controller/pcb isn't part of the battery case then you can fit any and use any 36v battery of any ah rating, it doesn't matter if it is 8.8,10, 11 or 13ah as the rating only means more capacity more range though they might be a bit heavier.

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Re: Eplus commute - battery question

Postby fivebikes » 8 May 2020, 5:14pm

Looks like Argos sell Eplus bikes.... They may be able to guide you to a replacement battery.