Indoor training beginner - tyre questions!

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Indoor training beginner - tyre questions!

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I have just begun my journey into indoor training, having bought a Saris Fluid trainer for my mountain bike and a Swift subscription. I have read that it would be best to buy a training tyre rather than using my current mountain bike tyre and have found a Continental Hometrainer Tyre 27.5" (screenshot attached) to match the size of my current wheel. However being a real beginner, my questions are as follows:-

- Will the training tyre fit onto my current metal wheel rim or do I need to buy a new one of these also?
- Do I need to buy an inner tube for the training tyre or will my current inner tube work with it?

Sorry if these questions sound a bit simple, but as I say I am a real beginner.

Any help much appreciated.
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Re: Indoor training beginner - tyre questions!

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If you are 100% certain you have found the correct trainer tyre it is a simple swap over with your existing tyre. You can use the same inner tube.

Just remember not to use the training tyre on the road!
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Re: Indoor training beginner - tyre questions!

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Blimey, 34 quid for a tyre for the turbo :shock:
Just use an old tyre (most cyclists have a few kicking about..) ...failing that, just get a cheapie like some here ... -and-tubes
You’ll have to do a lot of turbo training before you wear it out!
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