Mad screw threads in Moulton Mk3

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Re: Mad screw threads in Moulton Mk3

Post by simonineaston »

hat's where the spare parts came from...
Cool. You gotta love what Michael does. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he moved recently from Chelsea - box after box of old Moulton parts must have puzzled the removal company guys!
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Re: Mad screw threads in Moulton Mk3

Post by Brucey »

well the bike is back together but there were a few wrinkles; I can only assume that the "using whatever bits they had lying around" extended further than you might expect.... when I got the forks apart I discovered the reason the fork spline didn't look much different to a Mk1/MkII fork spline was because....(drum roll) ….

it wasn't. So this MkIII has a MkII fork in it.

Hey ho.

Luckily I had the presence of mind to order a new MkI/II lower fork bush so that went in (not without considerable difficulty, either). To describe the end result as 'suspension' is taking liberties with the word; I guess it might move if you run through an enormous hole.... What it won't do is allow about three degrees of free steering movement which the old worn bush did.

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Re: Mad screw threads in Moulton Mk3

Post by dezzie »

There are mk3 specific groups on Facebook as well as my moulton f frame group if you need info we have all the experts who have been there done that should you need any help.
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