Linear bottom bracket

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Linear bottom bracket

Post by a.twiddler »

I noticed slight play in the bottom bracket of my Linear today. It's not significant at present but eventually it will need sorting. Everything is done up tight, so it is not loose in the frame. It looks like a sealed cartridge type. I am hoping it has a standard thread and not some odd US thing. So I am picking the brains of existing Linear owners. Will I be looking at BB55-type replacement or will it be something more obscure?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Linear bottom bracket

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As far as I remember from replacing my B.B. some years ago, nothing exotic was involved.

Before replacing it, have you checked the bb’s lock ring has not come loose? You will need the appropriate special tool to tighten it of course.

-ah, just re read your post more carefully! Which leads me to ask if the clamp bolts holding the B.B. shell to the frame are tight (but not overtightened).
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