Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

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Re: Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

Postby speedsixdave » 4 Oct 2020, 10:28am

And nice bike by the way! Definitely a bit of a classic. I'd be keeping that one! If you did sell it you might get £300 (or you might not) and £300 doesn't buy you much in modern new bike terms. Certainly not something that will be a classic in twenty years' time.
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Re: Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

Postby PDQ Mobile » 4 Oct 2020, 10:33am

Regarding the brakes.
I have the same experience as others. Great bit of reliable kit.
Changing blocks is child's play.
Red Salmons compound is available for them. Highly recommended to preserve rims.

A good gentle clean would help if they been stood for a long time. Compressed air (with goggles) or just a soft toothbrush to get dust and grit out.
Just around the outside and where the blocks sit.
I like a judicious tiny spot of lube here and there afterwards too.

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Re: Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

Postby ddemolder » 18 Oct 2020, 6:43pm

Hi all

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions so far.

Can anyone please help me to identify the type of chain I should buy?

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Re: Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

Postby Brucey » 18 Oct 2020, 8:52pm


1) How many sprockets do you have at the back?
2) Is it a cassette or a screw-on freewheel that you have?

If in doubt please take some photos (with the wheel out of the frame) of the sprockets and RH axle end area.

But if it is 6/7/8s then use an 8s chain.


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Re: Cannondale m500 worth spending money on?

Postby mcshroom » 19 Oct 2020, 8:54am

From the pictures it looks like the back is 8sp (and I think I can see 8 numbers on the shifter window). Any KMC/Shimano/SRAM or compatible 8sp chain should work ok. The 8sp megarange layout would suggest to me it's a cassette rather than a freewheel.

What's your intended usage for your bike? Unless you intend to do a lot of riding on mud/grassy type surfaces, I'd be tempted to stick with a reasonably slick tyre, which will feel far better and roll far easier on tarmac.