Thoughts on buddy rider?

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Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby ChrisDay » 4 Oct 2020, 6:31pm

We now have a 10 kg dog and just half wondering if she can hop on the bike...

Thinking about various ways of doing this - trailer etc - but came across buddy rider here: ... ycle-seat/

Does look like it might place a potentially very significant load on the seat post - anyone got any experience or thoughts?

Not rushing out to buy one but your collective wisdom would be appreciated....


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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby simonhill » 4 Oct 2020, 6:36pm

I wonder how legal it is. It looks like it would interfere with your steering. An insurance company could have a field day. All probably made worse if the dog is bit frisky.

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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby Grandad » 4 Oct 2020, 11:47pm

On the London to Brighton ride many years ago I saw a rider in an old fashioned butchers delivery bike with a terrier in the basket. Reminded me of my Saturday job when still at school - delivering meat, not dogs :D

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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby Paulatic » 5 Oct 2020, 7:42am

I would imagine a terrier is about as big as you could go carried on the front. Years ago I met a guy cycle touring with a Jack Russell in a wooden box attached to the front. Larger dogs are going to be best in a trailer.
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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby reohn2 » 5 Oct 2020, 9:28am

I've met a couple of people with small terriers that travel in a plastic crate on the rear rack attached with a short leash so they can't jump out if the mood takes them.
The arrangement seemed to work very well for both dog and owner.

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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby Jdsk » 5 Oct 2020, 9:34am

Does the Buddyrider take the whole weight on a cantilever from the seat post rather than using a strut down to the frame?


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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby TrevA » 5 Oct 2020, 9:45pm

I bought a similar contraption when my kids were small, but only used it a couple of times. It interferes with you pedalling, so that you have to stick your knees out. Also, your pet is exposed to the elements. They’d be better off in a trailer, which is what we have for our dog.
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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby ChrisDay » 5 Oct 2020, 11:03pm

Thanks for all responses...

Yes it does appear to put all the load on the seat post - seems odd engineering when crossbar just below.

I did wonder how my knees would avoid hitting it.

Not rushing to get one - but I bet our v sociable dog would rather be up with us than behind in a trailer!


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Re: Thoughts on buddy rider?

Postby Airsporter1st » 9 Oct 2020, 6:08pm

I’ve had one in regular use for more than 3 years and can highly recommend it My dog loves it . As soon as I put my cycle gear on, he goes and stands by the bike.

My dog is 6 kg and there is no doubt that the extra weight raises the CoG and that we are a bit more susceptible to side winds, but I rapidly got used to it.

It does not interfere with straight bars at all. It is supported only by the seat post and is readily removable by pulling out a safety clip and removing a single pin.

Its designed and marketed in the US. I don’t believe it would adversely affect your insurance but then I’m not an expert.