Home exercise - what equipment?

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby Phileas » 2 Oct 2020, 3:42pm

whoof wrote:
mikeymo wrote:
Phileas wrote:

They look like the most stupid design ever, to me. The point of the architrave is to cover the join between plaster and frame, it has no structural purpose at all. You can't tell what it's fixed with or to. In these days of no-nails glue and suchlike that may be the only thing holding it.

But lots of them seem to be advertised, so maybe nobody has broken their back using one. Yet.

I daresay if it's going to tear the architrave off, yours would have done so already, so it must be secure.


This is a resurrected thread. After five years their door has either fallen down or they have probably given up.

I switched to a different arrangement several years ago - a bar supported by cargo straps secured inside the loft hatch. I also have gymnastic rings hanging from this bar.

The architrave attachment works ok. Because of the way it’s designed, it clamps the architrave to the frame at the same time as hanging from it. Nevertheless, I’m much happier with my current arrangement.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby drossall » 2 Oct 2020, 6:33pm

Faced through lockdown with the loss of my commuting mileage, and for the early stages being confined to barracks, I've become a convert to Zwift with a basic wheel-on trainer. It's not a smart trainer in any sense, just a fixed level of resistance. I'm getting rather to enjoy it. It also replaces the gym, which was also barred in the early months, and even now seems a higher-risk place to go.

I tend to feel that, going out on a bike, I want to do so for several hours at least. By contrast, a session of well under an hour on the trainer can feel worthwhile. We don't have a lot of space, so keeping it and an old bike in the shed, and fetching them out at need, works for me. And a basic Android tablet running Zwift, so really nothing fancy at all.

So far, I've used our patio. As the weather closes in, it may have to be the kitchen. But I could never persuade myself to do much on my wife's exercise bike. It's the use of Zwift that makes the difference. There are alternatives - Rouvy for example uses real-world videos, as opposed to the virtual reality of Zwift.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby Mike_Ayling » 3 Oct 2020, 5:13am

If it is too cold/wet to get the trainer out of the shed:
Squats, lunges, push ups and some hand weights for upper body work.
Running on the spot is good aerobic exercise as well as the skipping rope mentioned earlier


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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby Bonefishblues » 3 Oct 2020, 10:43am

Water rower. A lovely thing. Not so good with a case of piriformis, mind :?

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby foxyrider » 4 Oct 2020, 4:06pm

Grand children? mine always gives me a fair workout when i go to visit :D
Convention? what's that then?
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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby fausto99 » 6 Oct 2020, 8:16am

RickH wrote:The snappily named Kinetic Rock and Roll Control Trainer T-6500 :wink: (Wiggle link simply because it was the first one I found) links to Zwift, etc AND has sideways movement. the price doesn't seem too bad for a smart trainer either.

Looks good. I see that Wahoo do a Climber gizmo which raises or lowers your front forks according to the gradient but that is fixed side to side. Seems like nothing let's you do it all.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby Nessie23 » 6 Oct 2020, 8:01pm

Paulatic wrote:Ive a turbo sitting in the shed, thankfully bought it 2nd hand, just used for setting up gears now. It's the most boring bit of kit imaginable.

That’s a brilliant idea. I too dislike the turbo but have decided to persevere with it over this winter. I will deffo use it to set up gears and can’t believe i have never thought of that use before.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby ossie » 7 Oct 2020, 4:41pm

I've been using a turbo trainer for years( winter months). I think its now called a 'dumb trainer' with the advent of these smart trainers.

Its permanently set up in the garage so I'm lucky in that respect, it faces a TV which I cast youtube videos to whilst listening to music. I've actually watched numerous Netflix series whilst peddling away but for more structured stuff its the 45 min / 1 hour you tube sessions, coupled up with a heart rate monitor.

I've researched the hell out of numerous smart trainers, Wahoo Kickr , Tax Neo, Elite and they all have one thing in common it appears and its lack of reliability across the board. If anyone's been using a smart trainer for five years or so without any issues I'd be interested to know what make etc.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby AlanW » 13 Jan 2021, 10:29am

ossie wrote:I've researched the hell out of numerous smart trainers, Wahoo Kickr , Tax Neo, Elite and they all have one thing in common it appears and its lack of reliability across the board. If anyone's been using a smart trainer for five years or so without any issues I'd be interested to know what make etc.

Truth be known that Ive more trainers that I care to recall, usually keeping one for a winters use then upgrading each year. Five years ago I bought one of the first Tacx Neos, and boy what a game changer it was to. When it was twelve months and one week old it gave up in a ball of smoke. It was out of warranty with Halfords, by thankfully covered in warranty by Tacx for another 11 months and 3 weeks.

A quick exchange of mails with Tacx and the old one was collected and a brand new one supplied all in less than a week. Very impressive customer service!

The current one is now four years and 15,000 miles in and still going strong, hopefully that's not a kiss of death on it!
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Home gym kit - what's in your setup?

Postby Tangled Metal » 19 Jan 2021, 8:53pm

Ok what gym / fitness equipment is gathering dust I mean being used at your house? Following another thread about a rowing machine, I am curious to know what people own and use.

Currently I'm using those rubber tube things with grips, door anchor and ankle straps for functional strength training and some dumbbells. Also body weight exercises. Then walking. Not doing much cycling of late. All too busy with an impending house move. After the move there's a garage with my home gym being planned for it. So far it's everything above plus kettlebells, my old bike permanently set up on a turbo, a gym quality x trainer that I'm going to be given once we move? Then when possible a c2 model D and a set of weights with some kind of rack so I can lift safely without a spotter.

There's a few articles and TV programmes about keeping fit right now that say weight training is very important to health especially as you get older. Possibly more than simply CV exercise. Something about it's positive effects run into reducing your risks of certain medical conditions that are often encountered with age. I was never really that keen on weights as a younger man more CV fitness for my outdoor activities. I did however find a functional, cable pulley machine called a freedom trainer was amazing for strength and physical conditioning for outdoor sports like whitewater kayaking which was my passion back then. You could simulate a kayaking stroke complete with working your core like in a boat by using that machine whilst sat on a gym ball instead of a bench. The instability of your seat added to the effectiveness. It certainly improved my kayaking strength for when needed on the water.

Anyway, over to you, what have you got, use and want for a home gym.

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Re: Home exercise - what equipment?

Postby Tangled Metal » 19 Jan 2021, 9:55pm

My bad, I started the same thread a week or so ago. I forgot about that. Thanks for merging it whichever of the mods who did that thanks for tidying up the forum.