Brompton L or R spec, which is best?

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Re: Brompton L or R spec, which is best?

Postby DaveP » 6 Oct 2020, 7:36pm

There's always concern about weight, but TBH the Brompton rack is a featherweight. I fitted mine mainly because I wanted to be able to transport a photographic tripod. It's too long to be an attractive proposition cross ways. Haven't tried that load yet though.
Major downside seems to be brake maintenance, I find Bromptons can be a bit on the fiddly side anyway and having the rack over the callipers doesn't help.
Be aware that if you start with a rack then take against it, it's not just a matter of taking it off. You would need to change the mudguard too (£10) as the rack version is too long at the back and would soon break when folding. Then, even if you cut it down you have to buy a stays kit, and the little roller with its fitting kit- the wrong side of another £35 at a dealer.
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Re: Brompton L or R spec, which is best?

Postby djnotts » 6 Oct 2020, 9:57pm

I think size the fundamental issue. I suspect your height pretty much st the limit. The H bar probably best option. Browse some of the Brompton specific forums?

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Re: Brompton L or R spec, which is best?

Postby SA_SA_SA » 8 Oct 2020, 11:48am

I would always get a rear rack as the bike is more stable when folded with one, and for that rear rack, I think its worth getting the official (STzvo approved) rear lamp for always thereness and legal peace of mind, as you can always supplement it with you favoured kinds .

Also if you have a rear rack you can cycle camp in pathlesspedalled style by hanging a medium 40l+
rucksack from dowel thru saddle rails, resting on rear rack.
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Re: Brompton L or R spec, which is best?

Postby fivebikes » 8 Oct 2020, 12:53pm

We have both!
The rack is used for the Brompton rack bag....not sure if this is still available? So, most stuff goes in O bags but extra clothing...fleeces mainly, goes into the rack bag. Otherwise, good for stowing a bit of shopping!
Not essential at all but does come in. If it’s not used, the extra weight isn’t a problem either.
I’d go for it!