Surrey / SW London club for the older rider?

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Surrey / SW London club for the older rider?

Postby TheLastMan » 30 Nov 2020, 10:40am

Hi folks,
in March 2018, at the ripe old age of 58 I decided the best way to fit exercise into my day was to commute from Richmond (upon Thames) to work in the West End by bike. It is about 10 miles from home so 20 miles a day was a decent distance and I managed to do it 2 - 3 days a week, as well as a usually solo ride at the weekend. When lock-down happened, and I started working from home, I would fit a 90 minute ride in before 9 am 2 -3 days a week instead.

In that time I have gradually fallen in love with cycling and traded in my hybrid commuter bike for a new Trek Domane AL4 "endurance" model which is a bit heavy (11.5kg) but is more upright and less stressful on the old back than a full-on racer. It also has chunkier 32mm tires to cope with towpaths and rougher roads.

When out at the weekend I see a lot of friendly mixed groups of bikers out for a fun ride and would like to find a similar group for myself. However, looking at club websites is pretty intimidating for someone like me. I do like to go at a reasonable pace but I am not about to enter any races or sportifs!

I am now 60 years old and generally cycle a flat route and my sustainable pace on the road is 25-30 kph at an average heart rate of around 150 with some peaks up to 175 (advisory max heart rate for someone my age is 160). I am happy to slow down if in a group but I would find a totally pedestrian pace frustrating.

Judging by the huge numbers of cyclists out in Richmond and SW London I am sure some of them will be here and know of clubs, or perhaps more informal groups, of like-minded older riders. Grateful for any suggestions,



Ian Davies
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Re: Surrey / SW London club for the older rider?

Postby Ian Davies » 30 Nov 2020, 7:15pm

I would thoroughly recommend Kingston Phoenix Road Club. They have a range of rides available, starting predominantly from Horton Heath country park, with the Saturday morning ride At 0945 for 1000 as being suitable for the pace you describe. An extremely friendly and inclusive club with a good cross section of members and interests. Their website is at Hope that helps.