Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Summer 2020 - Cycle Magazine announcement about membership changes
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Re: Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Post by AndyK »

thirdcrank wrote: 28 Sep 2021, 10:24am
Mick F wrote: 11 Sep 2021, 7:02pm
MattHodges wrote: 1 Mar 2021, 11:59am I don’t recognise Cycling UK as the club I joined.
Why would I renew?
I left months ago.

Not the club I joined, so perhaps they left me.
You kept that very quiet!
I think he may have mentioned it once or twice... or more. :wink:
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Re: Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Post by Bazza55 »

After 41 years membership, I have not renewed. I nearly took out life membership in 2005, thank goodness I didn't or I would have been trapped with them now. The Trustees and staff have no interest in the members and see them purely as a source of finance, which isn't really surprising when you have a CEO on a six figure salary, and treat senior members appallingly. I am now a member of the National Clarion, membership costs £20 per year, much cheaper than both BC and CUK and they don't insist I wear a helmet too. So many of us have left CUK that we are in the process of setting up our own local Clarion group, which is now starting to thrive.
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Re: Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Post by mattsccm »

I do wonder what the public profile of CUK is. A riding conversation with 5 club mates yesterday showed the 4 of them have never heard of the CUK .( How I hate that. Its just like BC . It should say something like The ....... to make grammatical sense. Although British Cycling does work in one context eg British Cycling happens in all weathers. That poor grammar finished things off for me. )
As a club we wonder why we affiliate. Mostly so we can play BC off against CUK and cheery pick what we want.
Discounts. :lol: Off RRP usually. Shopping around is easier. The only organisation discount worth having is BC when you can get Halfords to pile in onto sale item plus a bit of top cash back.
Bc for me. I can race. Don't care a toss about the helmets in events rules as I don't ride them otherwise. Nor do I use a helmet all the time.
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Re: Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Post by erospolly »

I've not renewed my membership after over 50 years. Not only has the discounted over-65 disappeared but the commuted membership where you got 5 years for the price of 4 has also gone.

The commitment to cycle touring seems to have been replaced by a campaigning industry.

I am still a member of British Cycling that seems to be awash with more members.
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Re: Your Cycling UK membership expires today.

Post by PH »

mattsccm wrote: 10 Jan 2022, 9:42pm I do wonder what the public profile of CUK is.
Did you ever wonder what it was before the name change? I don't have any data, but there does seem to be a higher media profile in the last few years than previously.
I don't like the name either, it sounds even more clunky when Member Groups try and incorporate it in their own name. I didn't disagree with the idea of changing it, "Touring Club" didn't reflect the activities or the membership and would often need explaining, I just think they could have come up with something better and less likely to be confused with BC.
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