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Re: Jackie Chan

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Si wrote: 27 Feb 2014, 11:34am I'm assuming that "doing a Jackie Chan", complete with sound effects, to get on your bike is taught country wide and not just around here
I'm guessing this is the mounting technique you mean?
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Re: Jackie Chan

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I have never heard it called 'doing a Jackie Chan' :? I can't remember it being called anything to be honest!
Infact until mentioned here I'd not noticed that JC used that method in his film(s).We did it because it looked much cooler than the oldies who mounted as you would a horse.
Then BMX came along and neither method were used!
It also worked well for bump starting mopeds/crossers that no longer had a kick-start 8)
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Re: Jackie Chan

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I suppose Doing a Jackie Chan probably just refers to doing something really cool 8)
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