Safeguarding Officer Training

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Safeguarding Officer Training

Post by Vitara »

CUK have recently changed the members group Welfare Office role to Safeguarding Officer and have made it mandatory for the post holder to complete a CUK online training course.

I’m expecting this to duplicate training I’ve already completed in my Professional Role, but as the training site refuses to accept my Password I can’t even access it at the moment.

Has anyone here completed the Training? If so would you care to comment on it?

CUK state it is obligatory for each member group to have a SG Officer who has completed the training by the end of 2022. I’m intrigued to know what they plan to do if this condition has not been met?
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Re: Safeguarding Officer Training

Post by AndyK »

Our safeguarding officer did it some months back. As I recall, he didn't find it particularly onerous or difficult. He's also done similar stuff n a professional context so he probably didn't learn much new, but it didn't take up much of his time.

If your password doesn't work I suggest you get in touch with the volunteering team. Their address was in the email that went out about the safeguarding training.
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