How were they stolen?

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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by Vladimir »

Grumpyoldbiker wrote:"So Mr Grumpy, just to confirm, are you saying that a person you didn't know called at your house and you told this individual what type of bike you had, and where it was stored, and that you never bothered locking it?" (Followed by a look that can only be described as "what a mug")

That can happen to anyone, don't blame yourself.

I had a similar attempt at this type of information extraction - to which I replied with something among the lines of "I keep my bikes under lock and key, right next to my 3 Alsatians' dog beds, they're police dogs, you see, cause my dad is a policeman, he used to be in a K9 unit but now he's armed response." It was an obvious lie (no idea if the would-be thief bought it), although hopefully at least it gave him a clear image that he wasn't going to be gathering any information from me...

The only reason I replied like that is that I could smell the security information gathering from a mile away - and the main reason for that is that it's a common thing to happen in eastern Europe, which is where I come from.
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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by JimCrad »

There is no absolute lock/alarm deterrent beyond trying to make your bike the relatively least attractive option. I now use a big motorbike chain (which are surprisingly cheap) and make it look cheaper than it is (rubbish paint job and some daft stickers)

A couple of years ago I locked my bike which I had had for 20 years since a student at the cycle rack (under CCTV) at Kings X and caught the train back to England.

On returning some ******* had tried to force the D lock with a scaffolding tube only succeeding in bending the frame fatally. I unlocked it walked to the railings in front of the Novotel Hotel on Euston Road got myself a beer and sat in the window to watch a succession of druggies and toe rags try to ride off on a bike whose rear wheel wouldn't turn round.

In the end someone carried it away.
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Re: How were they stolen?

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I had a real rubbish bike stolen last night. It was an old bike, a 'Viking' from 1979. Rusty. Various odd bits on it. A seat with tears repaired with tape.

Someone still stole it. If that bike gets nicked, anything could get nick.

I'm very disappointed by how the combination lock could be broken through without any noticeable scratches or evidence of force apart from the mechanism being snapped.
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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by roleypoley »

if you find yourself in Leeds city centre lock up at CYCLE POINT opposite the train station £1.50 day ticket monitored by bike mechanics who give out a ticket to reclaim. they even can lend you a lock if you forget yours .CCTV watched . Smile nicely at them and talk while he staples the ticket stub to your bike he will remember your face with said bike . Best place I have ever found !
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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by gaz »

Rolled up to the public sheffield stands near work to the sight of a broken combination cable lock on the ground.

Cable intact, the combination section had been attacked, in effect snapping the lock at its weakest point.

On the commute I use 2 D-Locks to save faffing about unraveling cable locks. I have a similar combination lock in my spares bin. I now have another reason not to use it.
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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by Spies »

I left it propped again the shop windows for 5 minutes where I work, I had a funny feeling, looked outside and it had gone.

Opportunistic theft, but the guy I suspected of stealing it, had spoken to me minutes earlier asking where a certain location within our town was (it was the other end), so he was a good candidate.

I jumped in my car, drove around the area for a bit, found him, parked up and ran after him and took the bike back off him.

The bike isn't even desirable, but I have a cheap barrel lock now.

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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by nico36 »

I had a brand new Santa Cruz Bronson stolen from my garage on the day it was delivered in 2020. My wife took delivery at 12 noon and the courier put it in our garage around 80 metres from our flat. Next morning I went to the garage and the burglars had knocked a 3 foot hole in the back of the garage wall, cut through the cable securing the bike to the back wall, snipped off the Spot Gen Tracker from my wifes ebike and took the bikes. They left behind a sledge hammer and a jemmy.

Also stolen was my wife's Canyon ebike. I have since had a cage built that fits two bikes inside, plus a ground anchor and a Homekit (apple) camera. I got paid out straight away but the downside is insurance for one bike is £330 per year. Police interviewed the courier but NFA.
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Re: How were they stolen?

Post by Manc33 »

One tip I saw recently on a security video was, don't have a "Beware of Dog" sign if you also have an alarm box on the wall of your house. Thieves know dogs set alarms off - so they will either think you don't really have a dog (but maybe do have an alarm) or you don't really have an alarm (but maybe do have a dog). The best option: No dog sign, but a dog in the house... and one of those clever alarm systems that has zones where something the height of a dog won't trigger it, but a human standing up robbing your house, will!
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