Islabike CNOC 16 - SOLD

For sale of complete bikes, trikes, recumbents ( minor missing components acceptable. e.g. no saddle, no pedals ). Please do NOT post bike bits here. They will be deleted.
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Islabike CNOC 16 - SOLD

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Islabike CNOC 16 child's bike - excellent mechanical condition (fully serviced by a Cytech mechanic), a few scratches as you would expect from a bike that has been loved and ridden. The bike has been used by two of my grand-children and the younger one has now moved on to a 20" wheel Islabike. The 16" retails at £400 - these bikes hold their price - I'm looking for £115.

Kids love Islabikes because they're designed specifically for them. The handlebars, pedals, gear levers are all carefully sized to fit the age of the cyclist. The bikes are lightweight, can be picked up easily and are very manoeuvrable, meaning the child has great control as they ride. And ride they will.

Collect from Central Stratford-upon-Avon

Please PM with an email addy if interested and I can send some pix.
Cytech accredited mechanic . . . and woodworker
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