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Re: Optilabs

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ferretdiver wrote: 30 Mar 2022, 2:24pm Thank you 'Mick F' for posting the photos on this thread, it prompted me into contacting & trying some frames from Optilabs.

I am now about to place an order for some bifocals, however the number of options with regards to the personalisation of the lenses have left me a little indecisive.

I appreciate that it is very much a subjective thing in that, what works for one person may not work for another.

However, I want to make sure I have considered all the pros & cons before committing. & regretting something afterwards that I had not taken into account.

What are peoples views on what works best, mainly with regard to cycling - distance vision & then looking down to read my cycling computer?

I would have liked polarised lenses but have discarded the idea of polarised lenses because of the effect they have with illuminated device screens, but now I’m stuck on whether to go photochromic or just a standard tint.

Would like to know peoples thoughts & experiences with what they have ordered & what they found works or doesn’t.



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Do you ever ride at night? I’m on my third pair of Optilabs sunglasses and the first 2 pairs were photochromic. My latest pair have a mirror tint, which looks great and is great on a sunny day, but it’s not so good on a dull day and it’s too dark to wear at night, so for my next pair ( which could be some time as they tend to last 4-5 years) I’ll go back to photochromic.

Another consideration is cost. Glasses within a standard tint are only about £130. Photochromic or mirror tint are about £190.
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Re: Optilabs

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Thank you TrevA,

I ride occasionally at night but more often around twilight.

Thank you everyone for all the comments & suggestions.

Think I’m going to go photochromic with the Optilabs pair & order a cheaper second pair of glasses with just variable tint from SelectSpecs

I'm a trendy consumer. Just look at my wobbly bog brush using hovercraft full of eels
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Re: Optilabs

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Mick F wrote: 6 Mar 2022, 10:59am
Entering the Royal Inn,
Reading a very readable LEJOG blog and the Royal Inn gets a mention. You might find interesting Mick

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Re: Optilabs

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Since I first posted that I had first purchased my specs from Optilabs I did something stupid .Before getting in the car I was taking my sweater off .Took my sun glasses off put them on the roof rack.Yes I drove away forgetting I had left them on the roof of the car ,they landed in the road and was run over by a following car.

I rang Optilabs asked if they kept past prescriptions which they do . Replacement glasses arrived a wee later.

I know who my next pair when the the lenses need updating will come from.

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