November conditions

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November can be decent in early parts but cold and wet as December approaches. Also windy.
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Re: November conditions

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TrevA wrote: 21 Sep 2022, 6:24pm I think Sport Relief did JoGLE in the middle of winter, albeit probably with a back up car and crew. I remember Davina McCall falling off on the ice at night, near the north coast of Scotland.

We tried to avoid main roads on our JOGLE, though it’s difficult on the stretch around Wigan and Warrington.
That was easily 10 years ago, maybe more. And yes, they had a full TV crew, support vehicles and were doing it as a relay so only one rider on the road at a time and the others resting in the luxury camper van. It was still pretty brutal, partly because they had terrible weather and partly because none of them were cyclists and had all been equipped by the production company going to a cheapo clothing company and buying those ridiculous one-size-fits-all waterproofs...

Your main issue is going to be logistics of charging lights (or of dealing with much shorter days and therefore reduced riding time), accommodation (out of season lots of places, especially campsites will be closed) and the potential issues of being wet and cold for long periods of time. Mudguards, full waterproofs and proper lights (to see by, not just be seen) will be essential.
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