Views on Spray can quality/ options

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Re: Views on Spray can quality/ options

Post by Dingdong »

I just checked out Ellis Briggs respray: single colour 'from' £260.

Carbon frame respray 'from' £450.

The chrome plate prices are astronomical! :cry:
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Re: Views on Spray can quality/ options

Post by tenbikes »

Spray Bike, as mention up thread, is excellent and sprays on really well, with minimal runs/no runs. By far the best rattle can I've ever come across.

However, their clear finish needs more care . Having been very successful with the colour coats I applied the same technique to the gloss coat, only to find it more like conventional spray can, and I ended up with some runs which took a while to sort.

By utter and complete coincidence I sprayed my bike in Ukrainian blue and yellow during the first lock down!!!!
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Re: Views on Spray can quality/ options

Post by saudidave »

A few examples of a rattle can finish that I achieved when rebuilding a Dawes Galaxy 13 yrs ago, including a before and after of a badly damaged seat stay.Image The paint damage on the bike was confined to the top tube and seat stays so I just resprayed those using aerosols from Halfords. The rest of the frame was just degreased and T-cut then polished. I did the colour match very scientifically by taking the polished up forks to my local Tesco superstore and walked around until I found a car that matched - a Jaguar saloon in this case. It wasn't a perfect match but good enough for me. I did lots of preparation,masked it meticulously then gave it 2 primer, 3 colour coats and 2 lacquer. It proved to be quite durable during the year I rode it regularly afterwards.
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Re: Views on Spray can quality/ options

Post by Martinlee247 »

1942alexander wrote: 22 Sep 2022, 12:07am Just finished a lovely Holdsworth "Monsoon" in Oyster metallic white and Renault fire red, all done by rattle cans. Gold bands are all brush painted, not stuck on. This will be my last as old age is getting the better of my eyes and hands.
Wow thats really impressive
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Re: Views on Spray can quality/ options

Post by 1942alexander »

Many thanks for the compliment, martinlee247. you'll probably see it on an auction site in a few weeks.

Here's another done entirely with rattle cans, except the pin striping.
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