Central London Outdoor Group

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Central London Outdoor Group

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Central London Outdoor Group is a mixed walking and cycling group that became a Cycling UK affiliated group about a year ago.

Long established (before the war) very active club. Former YHA group before the YHA de-affiliated all their groups. Cycle rides, walks, socials. Also around 15 multi-day trips away and abroad.

We have easy cycle rides using trains from London to explore unusual places rather than cycling in chain gangs or rushing through as much tarmac as possible.

By bike we like to explore lost railways, cycle ferries, old forts, castles, marshes, canals, churches, village greens, old pubs, martello towers, windmills, follies, sea marks, sailing barges, light ships, gun emplacements etc.

Annual subs only £10 per year for new members. If anyone is interested check out our website www.clog.org.uk or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CentralLondonOutdoorGroup
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