Roads you would not ride on.

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Re: Roads you would not ride on.

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S68 wrote: 23 Sep 2023, 8:42pm Roads I would not ride on? All roads (excluding those with wide cycle lanes) between 7am-7pm.
So you mustn't do much cycling then?
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Re: Roads you would not ride on.

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there are quite a few roads I wont ride on thinking about it, which can make routes challenging sometimes, and its hard to explain why because its not speed, its not necessarily volume of traffic and its not around the types of traffic, its sort of nebulous combination of all 3 mixed in with a healthy recognition of the number of crashes involving motorised vehicles on them.

so basically if its an A road, NSL, with a record of crashes that involve speeding, overtaking,pulling out of junctions and a combination of cars & trucks/hgvs, I do my best to avoid them.
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Re: Roads you would not ride on.

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There is a dangerous dual carriageway from The Maypole to Becketts Farm around Wythall South of Birmingham. Okay in the light but in the dark oncoming cars keep their lights on full beam and there is no white line at the left hand side of the road so with the dazzling of the car lights you can't see where the edge of the road is. It is a death trap. I nearly got hit by following cars when staying clear of the left hand side of the road because I didn't want to crash. I gave up half way along it and had to scramble up the side of an overbridge to escape from it. :(
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